Jane Addams High School


Ms. Price 

  • ELD
  • Leadership

Mr. Gross

  • Government/ Economics 
  • PE
  • Social Studies 
  • Computer Science

Mr. Martinez

  • Math
  • Computer Animation

Mrs. Medina

  • Social Studies
  • Government/Economics
  • Social Studies ELD
  • Government/Economics ELD

Dr. Postal

  • Biology
  • Health
  • Chemistry

Mrs. Shapiro

  • English 
  • Introduction to Art

Ms. Escobar

  • Spanish
  • English

Please contact your teacher(s) if you have any question.  You can email them via the link in our school’s homepage or click here for a list of staff and teacher’s contacts.  Thank you!

Dear Parents and Students, you can access the following websites to check for work and updates for their classes:


Thank you!