Jane Addams High School

Our Beliefs

Jane Addams will provide at-risk, under-prepared students with the problem-solving skills, coping strategies, and resilience to meet the challenge of a rigorous academic program that focuses on mastering the Common Core Standards to prepare for post-secondary education and or/or the workplace.  At Jane Addams, we expect, seek, and promote perseverance in the face of difficulty.

To create and maintain a safe and supportive environment which allows students the opportunity to pursue a comprehnsive education and acquire the skills and strategies to become productve citzens.


Graduates of Jane Addams High School will be:

Accountable Citizens who…

  • Show respect and tolerance toward all
  • Act safely and reasonably
  • Take responsibility for themselves

Confident Scholars who…

  • Meet Common Core Standards
  • Prepare for post-secondary or vocational opportunities
  • Are lifelong learners

Effective Communicators who…

  • Read and listen actively
  • Write articulately
  • Evaluate and use tech resources critically

Independent Thinkers who…

  • Analize and solve problems
  • Set and pursue worthy goals
  • Approach the challenges of life with agency and efficacy

Welcome to Jane Addams High School!

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We appreciate your visit and are pleased to use this medium to keep you current on all Jane Addams High School activities, including upcoming events and various Addams HS and LAUSD publications.  As you navigate through our site you will learn more about our students, teachers and administration.

Located adjacent to John F. Kennedy High School, Jane Addams High School serves students from Granada Hills and the greater San Fernando Valley area.  We have a diverse student population from 18 different high schools in attendance.  With a population and class size that’s smaller than a comprehensive high school your child will receive more personal attention with a more flexible academic program that is tailored to their personal needs. Our focus on individualized learning, innovative credit recovery programs, college preparation, and high expectations are what set us apart from traditional comprehensive high schools.  We maintain a structured but relaxed atmosphere where students feel accepted, safe and supported. All of our teachers are fully credentialed and we have a terrific support staff including Counselor, Counseling Assistant, Social Worker, Office Technician, and Teacher Assistant.  We offer an afternoon credit recovery program as well as college courses through L.A. Mission College.

Salvador Aragón