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Free Covid-19 Testing for Our Students

The mobile testing unit is at Jane Addams every Thursday 8:00am - 12:00pm testing our students. You may also reach the LAUSD hotline at 213-443-1300 if you have any questions or concerns.

Congratulations to our 2021 Senior Graduates!

We had a record of 56 graduates for our June 11th graduation. We're very proud of all of our graduates for their hard work. Good luck to all of you on your next endeavor!

Parent Portal Access

Parents, please utilize the parent portal to keep track of your student's progress. Click "read more" for further instructions.

2021 - 2022 Bell Schedule

Daily Schedule or Holidays Questions?

We have answer for you. 

June 9

Graduation Rehearsal
Graduation Day

June 8

Rapid Tests
(Graduating Seniors)
Graduating students are required to have a recent negative COVID test result on the day of graduation. Former students who have been graduated and checked out of our system have the option of providing an external COVID Test day of graduation or taking a rapid test with Jane Addams High School on Wednesday June 8, 2022.
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June 3

Last Day to
Complete Classes
(Graduating Seniors)

June 2

COVID Testing

June 1

Panorama/Individual Pictures and
Cap & Gown Distribution

2021-22 School Year

Panorama/Individual pictures will be held during Advisory (11:30am-12:00pm)
Cap & Gown Distribution (8am-3:30pm)
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May 31

Senior Clearance Form Deadline

MAY 30

Memorial Day
No School
COVID Testing
Every Thursday 8am-12pm

Programs Available

Please visit select your choice of classes or visit counselor to get more advices

  • ELD Level 1 and Up

    ELD Level 1 and Up

    We accept students of all ELD levels and have staff to provide them support in order to facilitate learning, improvement and reclassification. Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the tools necessary for them to graduate high school and move on to higher education.

  • After School Tutoring and Credit Recovery

    After School Tutoring and Credit Recovery

    Wednesdays and Thursdays
    4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    We provide after school small learning groups as intervention for students to obtain tutoring or an alternate way to catch up on credits and finish out classes on goal to graduation.

  • Saturday School

    Saturday School

    9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
    We provide Saturday school to help further engage students and also provide an alternate schedule for students who also work or is preoccupied with other facets of their personal life. Additionally, students who wants to further catch up on their credits can enroll in Saturday school to speed up the amount of classes they can complete in a semester.

  • Computer Classes

    Computer Classes

    Week days
    Computer classes help students learn the tools necessary for career market of today and be proficient in 21st century skills.

  • Introduction to Art and Graphic Design

    Introduction to Art and Graphic Design

    Week days

    Our art and graphic design classes introduce students to the creative world of design and its art concepts and history. There's a great future in the career market for students pursuing this pathway here in Hollywood, in cinema and advertising.

Jane Addams High School Mascot Selection

Phoenix - Rise from The Ashes

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